Osprey MV-22B

For Microsoft Flight Simulator
Developed in Partnership with Maryadi

The Most Advanced Tiltrotor Aircraft

The Osprey MV-22B is a tiltrotor, VSTOL (Vertical/short takeoff and landing), multi-mission aircraft, developed to fill multi-service combat operational requirements. The real-life counterpart, MV-22B, replaced Marine Corps assault helicopters in the medium lift category, contributing to the dominant maneuver of the Marine landing force, as well as supporting focused logistics in the days following commencement of an amphibious operation.



Cockpit and Systems

Flight Dynamics and Engines

Developed in partnership with talented aircraft developer Maryadi
Comprehensive simulation of the aircraft instrument and systems.
Custom VTOL/STOL Flight Dynamics, including realistic behavior of the aircraft handling during movement of the engine nacelles.
Detailed external and Internal model.
Realistic manual operation of engine nacelles based on airspeed.
Fully simulated Vortex Ring State: Dangerous aerodynamic stall condition that results in an uncontrollable descent of the aircraft. Realistic simulation of VRS Recovery maneuvers.
Togglable automatic operation of Doors and Ramps based on the flight condition.
Full Simulation of BFWS (Blade Fold and Wing Stow) Procedures.
Simulation of the gearing system connecting both proprotors, allowing for 1 engine operations at reduced performance.
Authentic interior and exterior Night Lighting, including Osprey’s iconic Blade Tip lights.
Simulation of Auto-Hover capabilities,Auto-Flaps and custom-coded Autopilot.
Engine overstress limitations – engines cannot sustain full throttle for long periods of time.
NEW on V1.2: CMV-22B and CV-22B Variants Included


Our Osprey includes 8 Hand-crafted Liveries

Marines “Golden Eagles”
Marines “Thunder Chickens”
Marines “Blue Knights”
Marines “Evil Eyes”
Marines One “Presidential Nighthawks”
US Navy “Titans” (CMV-22B Variant)
US Air Force “Blackbirds”
(CV-22B Variant)
Japan Self Defense Force
Blank Livery

Although this simulated aircraft resemble its real-world counterparts in many aspects, the product  does not accurately represent (nor intends to accurately represent) the performance, systems, design and/or features of the real life counterpart. It is for entertainment and educational purposes only, and shall not be used for real aircraft training or any other professional application.

This product, though heavily inspired by the MV-22B Osprey, is not endorsed, supported by, related to, certified by or in any way connected to Bell Helicopter Textron, The Boeing Company, the US Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, the Japanese Self Defense Army or any aircraft manufacturer or operator. The product has been exclusively inspired by readily available information. This product falls into Fair Use of all applicable copyrighted and trademarked materials, as a transformative work inspired by the real aircraft.